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The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups | Psychology Today

A more in depth look at breakups…the article is a little lengthy but check it out if you choose.

The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups | Psychology Today.


Taking my ex back…

Getting over a relationship is tough. It’s even tougher moving on with your life when it’s cold outside. This may sound stupid, but I am serious. I am not the only one that has ever heard of, witnessed, or taken part in this phenomenon. It’s this time of year that people need indoor activities in order to remain active and social. What better ways to accomplish that while there is snow on the ground other than to date and mate with someone more permanent than usual? This is what my friends and I call Cuffing Season.

Cuffing Season can be deadly. I do not think that this season applies to places with less temperate weather; however, for the mid-Atlantic states of the US, this definitely applies. Cuffing Season has a tendency of pulling the wool over the helpless’ eyes. Just today, I was talking to a friend that happens to really like this guy who also likes her and every other girl in the tri-state area. She was only too elated to tell me that she and he are going to start being more serious. As her friend, I congratulated her because I know that this is what she has wanted for a long time now; but I was thinking in my head that first snowfall in NJ was yesterday and all of a sudden he has his eyes set on one girl? Anyway, not even 20 minutes later did I go on Facebook and see that he posted a status stating that it’s getting cold outside and that it is time to start wifing her up until summer= play time. All I could do was shake my head.

I also could not judge her simply because, not so long ago, I made the awful mistake of allowing Cuffing Season to pull the wool over my own eyes as well and got back with my ex. This, of course did not fair well for me. At first, everything was as beautiful and as blissful as it has ever been between the two of us. That first week was great. However, it clearly did not take long for our old issues to surface and make an appearance and things ended up getting real bad, real fast. During our time apart we had both grown into stronger, more independent (and more bull headed) people. Making our arguments 30x worse than they ever were before. Unsaid words from the past also resurfaced and the pent up anguish and frusation in that was also horrible. Even in all of that, we stayed together until it began to warm up simply because it was easiest and most convenient to keep each other company while it was cold. Sad, but true.

Needless to say, that once summer came we went our separate ways for good, however, I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself to take someone back just because it was cold outside and I wanted someone to cuddle with. Because he was familiar, it was easiest getting back with him simply because there wasn’t that sometimes awkward and arbitrary step of getting use to someone new. So, I would just like to advise anyone that is thinking about getting back with their ex to rethink it. Especially, if it is because you see everyone else getting together and now you feel cold and lonely due to Cuffing Season. Not a good move! Even, if it isn’t due to Cuffing Season, still just make sure that you fully understand what it is that you are throwing yourself back into. Like I always tell people, you broke up for a reason. However, if you are good at letting bygones be bygones, than go ahead. Take a shot at love again; but if you can’t, let it go. Seriously! It’s not worth the headache. Find a new hobby or something else to do. Bothering with the past, 9 times out of ten, is simply foolish.

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Blog #1: On The Road To Recovery


WelpThatsThat will be a blog geared to inspire.

Too frequently do people wrap their lives around their romantic relationships/interests and become completely distraught when the music stops. In my opinion, it’s an epidemic. This blog was formed with the intent to successfully steer people away from this epidemic. IT ISN’T HEALTHY PEOPLE!!!

While I am all for love and I understand love lost, I in no way condone those who begin feeling sorry for themselves and end up in that woe-is-me stooper that I am sure we have all witnessed at some point; either in ourselves or some one else. Not to mention, if you want that person back, sitting around feeling sorry for yourself will never increase your chances of accomplishing that goal because it is simply not attractive.

The aftermath of a break up can be treacherous and the task of completing the get-over-it process can be daunting. However, it is not impossible. It is because of this fact that I will be lending advice to whomever chooses to take it. Going through a break up can be hard. However, no one has to go through one alone. Encouragement and morale will be key.

So leave comments or suggestions and all will be addressed. Remember, you are not alone.