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Rejoice!!! Be happy!!!

Do you know what most people do after a break up? They cry and for a nice chunk of time after the break up, they feel sorry for themselves. They also occupy their minds with thoughts of the past. Welp, I say F*** that!

After your break up or split from your old flame I say THROW A PARTY. SERIOUSLY, it will start you out on a good foot. If you start out on a good foot, you will usually end up on a good foot. By that I mean that you will be capable of moving on with your life much more quickly than you normally would if were to, actually, go through the woe-is-me phase. And, hey, you don’t actually have to throw a full on party. You could go shopping; go out to dinner with friends; make yourself over; or you can just sing celebratory, independent songs around the house with a hairbrush in one hand and nothing but your underwear on. It does not matter how you celebrate. Just so long as you do it.

To often do people get caught up thinking about the good times in the past and wondering what went wrong or how it could be all over. Honestly, It doesn’t really matter; does it? Clearly, something went wrong somewhere and it did not make for a healthy situation. So, either one or both of you decided to call it quits. That’s Reality! Get over it.

Just remember, life is entirely too short to spend it down in the dumps over one other person in this sea of billions. Get over yourself and have some fun. Tomorrow can be a better day if you let it. That’s all I have to say about this topic. Plain & simple.

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