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Ever come across that person that is completely psychotic? They have just gotten out of a relationship and they will not just let it go. Is it just me or is that EXTREMELY annoying? Even if you ARE trying to get your ex back, isn’t that counter productive? Seriously, if you were their ex would you want to pick up the phone or pay them any attention at all? Because I sure would’t.

If you are one of these people or know someone who is, give them this piece of advice. GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE! On what planet do you give a begging dog attention or food?…None of them. What would you do if you saw a hungry stray dog or cat? Wouldn’t you feel sorry for it and shy away from it, simply because you know that if you give in or feed it it will come back for more; right? This is pretty much the same situation that an annoying ex puts themselves in everytime they pick up the phone, write an email, send a mention, or come by unannounced. THIS ISN’T CUTE! Why on earth would you be taken back when your ex is now either irritated or completely scared of you and your stalker-ish tendencies?

You know what you should do. TONE IT DOWN. Let your ex have their space so that they have time to think and reflect on whether they really care about you or not. If they decide they don’t, then do not fight for them. RUN AWAY! They are giving you notice to get away. Why be in a relationship where all of your emotions, effort, and love are not reciprocated due to a lack of appreciation and love from the other end. Isn’t that nerve racking? I would pull my hair out if I ever put my self in that situation. Not to mention, don’t you think that you are worth more? If your answer to this question is no, then please do yourself and everyone else a favor and exit stage left. Once you do that, seek therapy and then when you have completed therapy come back and join us.

Your spouse does not have to have your same exact thought patttern; however, their thoughts should have you in mind. It is not realistic to believe that you and your partner will agree on everything because you won’t. With that in my mind understand that due to differences your ex may just need some air. If they return than they probably love you and it is probably worth working on your relationship with them. If past circumstances in your relationship bear a ton of weight; then back up, re-evaluate, and drop the weight; but do not forget how the weight felt. This will allow you to start anew while keeping in my mind what not to do. Bringing up the past is also anoying and that’s clearly something that you will want to keep away from when trying to win them back or get back to the way things were.

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